Favorites from the Children’s Songbook (Song Book)


Song List:

  1. I Feel My Saviors Love
  2. I Love to See The Temple
  3. Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
  4. My Heavenly Father Loves Me
  5. A Child?s Prayer
  6. I Am a Child of God
  7. I?m Trying to be Like Jesus
  8. Families Can Be Together Forever
  9. Search Ponder and Pray
  10. When He Comes Again
  11. I Often Go Walking
  12. Keep The Commandments
  13. Book of Mormon Stories
  14. The Golden Plates
  15. Jesus Once Was a Little Child/ I Think When I Read That Sweet Story/ Tell Me The Stories of Jesus
  16. I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
  17. Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked
  18. Nephi?s Courage
  19. Baptism
  20. We?ll Bring he World His Truth

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