Masterworks Mega Hymn Arrangement Book

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Olive Wood Nativities

Dear friends, 

One of my best friends lives in Jerusalem, Israel and creates Olive Wood Nativities that are heirlooms for families! He is an Arab – Israeli and like everyone else in business, is hurting with no tourism presently there.

I guarantee his beautiful modern (no faces) Nativity olive wood creations as works of art. He will ship them free totally insured for only $360 per whole set. Consider buying more than one as family Holiday gifts. Credit cards are fine and feel free to call me about Jimmy’s total integrity and care. Let me know to my email how many sets you want to order and I will have them sent directly to you. I have the exact set at my home. So amazing! 

Lifetime guarantee.

Peace with Music Tours

Israel Tour 2021

Marvin has extensively traveled and performed at places such as the Sydney Opera House, the Jerusalem YMCA, throughout Europe, Egypt, South America, Canada, Mexico and more.

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I would like you to know that your testimony through music has been a very real part of my repentance process. It is also filled our home before and after our home based church meetings while the kids do their coloring pages.

Your music also helps me through days while at work that are at times really tough to get through. Your inspirational notes really have made a difference in my life and I am grateful for the spirit it brings and helps me keeps our Savior in mind. Looking forward to your music returning soon. I pray that you and yours may be blessed to continue to share your talent to uplift all who hear it.

Thank you for responding.


Over sixty years, Marvin Goldstein has been an acclaimed pianist and highly sought-out performer.  At eighteen, he was awarded a music scholarship to Tel Aviv University School of Music in Israel. He completed his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Goldstein has recorded over 50 albums. 

He also has arranged multiple piano solo arrangement books. He most recently toured with a most magnificent vocalist, Vanessa Joy. Marvin was afforded the opportunity to accompany Vanessa Joy with full orchestra and even play the French Horn in concert. Recording over 7 CDs with Vanessa Joy a Celtic Celebration Show was borne.

Once you have heard Marvin Goldstein you will be captivated. You will want to come back for more. Goldstein is listed in Who’s Who in Music in Europeat Cambridge, England. He has extensively traveled and performed at places such as the Sydney Opera House, the Jerusalem YMCA, throughout Europe, Egypt, South America, Canada, Mexico and more.