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Marvin Goldstein’s “Masterworks” song book is now available! This song book includes 11 piano books, sacred preludes, and several piano solos by Marvin Goldstein. It includes the very best arraignments from Marvin Goldstein. “Masterworks” will become your go-to song book for any special occasion. The songbook is available now in the songbook store.

“Marvin Goldstein can play beautiful things on the piano. He is able, with his magnificent talent, to play any and all music for any and all groups. Marvin is one of the most seasoned and accomplished performers on the planet. He is a world-class talent with a lot to spare.”

Orrin Hatch

US Senator/Songwriter, Utah

“Your talent for music is immense, and your wit and sense of humor are refreshing … It was a blessing in our lives.”

Shauna H.

Calgary, Canada