Enrichment Through the Arts

Enrichment through the arts is a creative learning environment where the student, is able to connect and identify with dedicated industry professionals. Participants will learn about magnifying their talents and be motivated to discover their passions, follow their dreams and never give up hope in their pursuits. These are very productive yet very rare opportunities for interaction and learning. There will be question and answer periods as well as performances and participation. Give your students a base for their own personal enrichment and help them to aspire and achieve their goals.

Pianist Marvin Goldstein and vocalist Vanessa Joy perform for choir students in the Moreno Valley Unified School District. The district hopes to use new state money to bring back elective classes such as music. Read more

I want to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about the enrichment opportunities that are available through these special activities. Vanessa Joy, an amazing vocalist and master musician from Phoenix along with myself from Tallahassee, Florida change the course of students’ lives through our passion for music and experience as professionals as we share our thoughts and talents. We talk of our journeys from youth and recall our motivations and challenges toward our musical and life goals. Given we still have continuing goals and challenges, we site our accomplishments and what it took to get there. We perform and allow the students to experience the talents of seasoned professionals. The question and answer time allows us to intimately connect with them and occasionally invite someone from the audience to participate impromptu which is always an enormous hit. Our encouragement and positive reinforcement leaves all in attendance more prepared to face their goals, whether musical or not, with a renewed spirit of confidence and hope.

– Marvin Goldstein

Class members, as well as faculty found the masters class riveting and extremely motivating.  The question and answer time had to be extended to respect each students interest in their experience and knowledge.  Marvin is a professional with emphasis on each individual student and their talent level as well as to the most proficient faculty.  Vanessa captivated our senior vocal students with her vast scope of musical and vocal experiences. I can highly recommend Marvin Goldstein both as a professional entertainer and master class instructor as well as Vanessa Joy.”

– George F. Whitehead
Vice President of Development
Dixie College

“While Marvin plays the piano and Vanessa sings the room is filled with laughter because the kids are enjoying their performance. They came with a great message, about achieving your dreams and that it is worth the time it takes to get there. They also emphasize how important getting an education is. One example of what they did, a student raised his hand and said that he was a pretty good singer, so Marvin invited him down to sing. It was a great opportunity for the child and they did a great job at encouraging him. They had great involvement. I think it would be a great experience for your students and would be worth the time and financial obligation to get them to perform in your school.”

– Wendy Wiltbank
Mountain View Books
Eagar Arizona

“I truly thank you for coming to our tiny town to remind me why I fell in love with music in the first place. I truly appreciate it.  You guys, help me realize that music is where I belong.  Keep doing what you are doing because you are incredible.  Thanks.”

– Kaitlin Stampfly
student in Eagar, AZ